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What does the Baird tartan look lie?

Baird Clan tartan and crest

Baird Clan History

Clan histories often recount grand tales of saving the King (or other nobleman) which then lead to lands, power and prestige. The origin of the Baird clan is said to lie in the legend that recounts the first Baird saving William the Lion from a wild boar. However, more likely is that the Baird name seems to reflect the geographical location of lands held by the family in Lanarkshire near the village of Biggar in the thirteenth century. Early in the following century, King Robert Bruce bestowed further lands at Meikle (near present day east Kilbride) and Little Kyp, also in Lanarkshire, to Richard Baird.

Baird as woven

Ancient Baird tartan.

  • Motto: Dominus fecit (The Lord made)
  • Crest: Pictured above
  • Gaelic Name: Mac a'bhaird
  • Badge: Pictured above
  • Lands: Auchmeddan
  • Origin of Name:
  • Tartan:


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Ian Baird (Canada) says...
Brief but to the point. Prefer the ancient I think.
11th August 2011 10:00pm
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