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What does the Armstrong tartan look lie?

Armstrong Clan tartan

Armstrong Clan History

Armstrong Clan Crest

Clan Armstrong is a Scottish clan name whose origins lie in Cumberland, south of the frontier between Scotland and England which was officially established in 1237 under the treaty of York.

The origins of this powerful Border family clan are said to go back to a "Siward Digry" (sword strong arm) who was the last Anglo-Danish Earl of Northumberland. The name became commonplace across the north of England and the Scottish Borders. Over time, their main power base became Liddesdale in the Borders.

armstrong tartan
Armstrong as woven

Closer view of the cross pattern.

  • Motto: Vi et armis invictus maneo (Through/by the force of arms I remain unconquered)
  • Crest: An arm from the shoulder.
  • Gaelic Name:
  • Badge: A peacock's head couped at the neck
  • Lands: Dumfries & Galloway
  • Origin of Name:
  • Tartan: