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What does the arbuthnot tartan look lie?

Arbuthnott Clan tartan

Arbuthnott Clan History

Arbuthnott Clan Crest

The Arbuthnott clan has its name origins in the place name Aberbothenoth, which lies on a narrow peninsula on the north side of the river Bervie. the tartan is based on the Black watch tartan and was first registered as late as 1962.

arbuthnot family clan tartan
Arbuthnott as woven

Arbuthnott variant as often drawn (darker blue as planned)

  • Motto: "LAUS DEO" (Praise be to God)
  • Crest: A peacock's head couped at the neck
  • Gaelic Name:
  • Badge: A peacock's head couped at the neck
  • Lands: Aberdeen
  • Origin of Name: The place of Aberbothenoth
  • Tartan: First registered in 1962