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What does the anderson tartan look lie?

Anderson Clan tartan

Anderson Clan History

Most Scottish tartans wil have six or less colours in the design. However, the Anderson is unique amongst Scottish tartans because not only does it have seven colours but must also be woven on a special loom. In addition, as you will see below, there are a variety of shades and colours used in the Anderson tartan.

anderson family clan tartan

Ancient Anderson - Green

A "weathered" or ancient white variant

  • Motto: "Stand sure"
  • Crest: An Oak Tree
  • Gaelic Name: Mac Ghille Aindrais
  • Badge: An Oak Tree
  • Lands: Aberdeen, Banff & Moray (although where exactly is unclear)
  • Origin of Name: "Son of Andrew"
  • Tartan: First seen in 1815 when collected by the "Highland Society of London."