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Early Miners Helmets photograph

Lead Mining History Picture

This is a picture of an early helmet worn by miners in the lead mining industry. You will see that the helmet on the left of the picture is no more than a hat with a candle attached to it. This would have been bought by the miner himself and would be the only light down the mine other than the one main candle which was more for timekeeping purposes than to provide light. Health and safety wasn't really an issue in the early days with an open flame a major explosion risk down a mine with flammable gases.

The cap on the right is only slightly better but is the earliest form of an oil lamp. Again, attached to the cap it provided a major fire risk, but the life of a miner in Scotland was cheap in the 18th and 19th century.

early miners helmet hats picture photograph

Below is a picture of the progressive nature of the industry with the introduction of battery powered lamps. Again, an early example but the cap has now given way to a helmet which, although would not meet modern safety standards, has progressed leaps and bounds since the early version seen above.

Both of these pictures were taken at the Lead Mining Museum in Wanlockhead.

early miners helmet hats picture photograph

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