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Gaelic and Scots Language

Whether you have an interest in learning to speak the gaelic language or simply a passing interest in learning more about it, these sites will deliver. Gaelic, as a language, is only really spoken in the North of Scotland and the more remote islands. However, it is becoming more popular in lowland Scotland and there is now a school in Glasgow where children can learn the language.

Gaelic and Gaelic Culture
A wide ranging site covering a variety of topics. Not the most visually impressive but packed with content

The School Dictionary
A site with a searchable dictionary. Not the most visually exciting but packed with content

BBC Alba
Packed with content.

Multimedia course for those wanting to learn gaelic
Combination of a variety of methods, both for the beginner and more astute.

Listen in to podcasts in gaelic

Scottish Radiance
This is a much wider site than just Gaelic. It has a combination of topics and includes audio and midi files of Scottish songs and phrases.

Scots National Dictionary
A very good site offering links and a database of words and phrases.