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Dalserf Church Photograph

This church is one of the few remaining from a very dark period in Scottish history known as the "killing times" when a (large) group of people known as covenanters were persecuted for practicing their faith. The picture doesn't really do this little parish church (formerly a covenanting or covenanters church) justice.

The origins of Dalserf congregation reach back to the early days of Presbyterianism in Scotland, the first minister, Andrew Hamilton M.A. was "admitted" in 1593.The present Dalserf Church building was erected in 1655 although it has undergone some changes since then. These were the days of the "Covenanters" and it is recorded that 52 brave men and women from Dalserf are recorded as having suffered in one way or another for the cause to worship freely as a Presbyterian.

dalserf parish church picture photograph covenanters church

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