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Cambuskenneth Abbey

Days out in Scotland

Cambuskenneth Abbey was founded around 1140 by canons of the Arrouaisian order, but subsequently passed to the Augustinians who founded a settlement (under the patronage of King David I) in 1147. Benefitting from the Royal patronage, this became one of the richest abbeys in Scotland. The abbey played host to Robert Bruce's parliament in 1326, and was also the burial place of James III and his queen, Margaret of Denmark, in the 1480s.

The Abbey was closed in 1559 and most of the stone was carried away to be re-used for building material. Originally dating from 1300, the bell tower has survived in a form after restoration work in 1859.

cambuskenneth abbey ruins picture photograph
This is a picture of the tower, which is the only major part of the Abbey still standing.
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