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1750 Lead miner's house Wanlockhead Pictures

This picture was taken at wanlockhead, lead mining museum. It shows one (of the three) mock ups of what miner's accommodation would have looked like. The first, pictured below, would have been early in the life of the mine, approximately 1750.

lead miners house 1750 wanlockhead picture

The cottage was likely to have been made from stones (collected locally) and earth, with a heather thatched roof. Very basic in design, it would probably have been one room, with a hearth in the centre. There would have been no roof ventilation (otherwise rain would simply have poured through) and the house would have been very smoky. This is one of the suggested reasons for the low stools, which would have allowed the occupants to remain below the smoke.

An example of an 1850's lead miners house at wanlockhead picture

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